How Mama Gets Her Kids Eating Well.

Children do not eat intuitively; it is a learned behavior. Whatever your children eat at home will probably be what they eat as an adult. According to statistics, childhood obesity is at an alarming rate in the United States. As parents, we are responsible for the way our children eat. Here are some ideas to get your kids eating healthy:

1. Eat Right Yourself

Many of us complain that our children will not eat healthy foods. Often times, the problem is with the parents. We are so used to eating in restaurants and buying processed foods that we forget what it is like to eat healthy. We just defeat the purpose if we have a bunch of sugary snack foods in the house all the time. We have to be a good role model for healthy eating.

2. Let Your Kids Shop With You

One of the best ways to get your kids to get a connection with wholesome foods is to take them shopping with you. It is important that they see what unprocessed food looks like so they can ask questions. Take them when you have time to spend in the produce and meat aisles. There may be some fruits and vegetables that your kids have never seen. Encourage questions and see if the kids would like to try something new.

3. Moderation In All Things

Almost everything in moderation is fine. If you tell your kids that they will never have another cookie again, then you are just setting your family up for dietary failure. Having a special treat once a day and balancing it with healthy foods is the best practice. It will not hurt to have that little scoop of ice cream or a donut on occasion. Your children will learn how to balance healthy food and enjoy their daily meals. Taking something away completely just makes them crave even more.

4. Meals Should Be Special

We often make the mistake of eating on the run. Sometimes, we do not even see each other during meal times. The kids could be munching on something in front of the television while you are eating at your computer. It is important to sit down and savor the flavor of your foods. Just walking around and eating is not good either. Make meal times special with family rituals, such as everyone sharing something eventful from their day. You do not have to save the good dishes and napkins for company. Make meals a grand event and everyone will enjoy their meal and the good company. Plus, you will be aware of what your kids are eating.

5. Cook One Meal For Everyone

Unless your child is on a medically –restricted diet, you should be making the same thing for everyone. It can be frustrating and expensive if you have to make everyone their own favorite meal. If kids eat the same things all the time, they probably will not try anything new. Try adding one new food to everyone’s plate once in a while. If they do not eat it, do not give up. Just try it again another time. If you make it fun and interesting, they might try a bite sooner or later.

6. Be Aware of Marketing Aimed At Kids

Turn on your television, and the commercials will tell your kids all the processed foods that they simply must have. In fact, your kids do not need this junk food at all. All of the sugary cereals and snacks that are touted on television are filled with empty calories and preservatives. You cannot shield your child from watching every commercial on television. There are channels for children that have minimal advertisements. They can also watch commercial-free videos. If you see commercials for junk food, explain to your children what some better alternatives would be. Instead of the ground-up, chicken-something nuggets, how about whole slices of chicken breasts breaded and baked at home? There are always healthy alternatives.

7. Food Should Not Be Used As Leverage

When food is used as a reward, children will come to associate food with well-being. Many obese children are emotional eaters. While it is fine to take kids out to celebrate a special event or a good job, it should not be used as the incentive. You also work against yourself if you tell your kids that they can have a big sugary dessert if they eat their vegetables. Having a healthy body should be its own reward. Conversely, punishing a child for not eating certain foods will most certainly backfire. Kids will associate that food with punishment and may never try it. It will also hurt the relationship you have with your children.

8. Encourage Little Kitchen Helpers

Having your kids helping in the kitchen is an excellent tool for nutritional training. Even younger children can help wash vegetables or set the table. You may need a stool so your child can reach the counter safely and watch what you are doing. Teach kids safety in the kitchen and watch them carefully. It is exciting for children to serve the family up something they have created.

9. Breakfast is Important

Remember how your mother always told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Mom knew best. During sleep, your kids have gone without food and water for 8-10 hours. Breakfast revamps their bodies and gives them the energy to start another day. It is easy to get in a hurry in the mornings and skip breakfast. That makes the temptation for eating junk food during the day even greater.

10. Love And Acceptance

No one is made the same. We each have our own body weight, shape, and size. It is important that your kids know that you love and accept them just as they are. If you are worried about childhood obesity, it can be worked on in a positive manner. If the whole family makes an effort to eat right and get some exercise, then everyone will come out a winner!

Mama Knows why sex is good for your health

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Mama Knows It All

William Ross Wallace, the renowned writer, once declared that the skill that moves a foundation is an ability that governs the world. A mother earns a more reputation than we seldom give her. While we might try to acknowledge mother with flowers and cards, we should get a moment to flash on all the obligations we owe her, especially with our health concerns. As it rotates around, Mom was always right about all the down-home assumptions and facts that made us moan during our growing up.

While growing up junk food was everyone’s favorite; however mother maintained on feeding us veggies, fruits, and other healthy foods. As it turns out, the benefits of this fresh produce and whole grains add to immune system strengthening and protection against cancer and heart disease. Mother was always right on the type of nutrition to feed us since junk foods, on the other hand, are full of sugars, salts and promote obesity, dental cavities, and high blood pressure. Mother was also requesting us to drink soups, and as it turns out soup was advantageous for us since soups limit symptoms like achy joints, runny nose, and sore throats.

Mom used to insist on us washing up before meal times, it was an excellent idea particularly after play and attending to exotic pets and farm animals. These lovable pets and farm animals have been associated with deadly outbreaks of several bacterial contamination causing kidney failure, fever, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, or even death.
Mother commanded us button up our overcoats and dress in warm clothing before heading out for play. It turns out that chilly weather does accentuate the immune arrangement and can substantially decrease our endurance to diseases, particularly when not accustomed to the condition. Mom was always right since even the professional athletes racing in cold weather shield themselves by restricting susceptibility and covering themselves with warm attire.

Mom used to tell us to spend limited time stuck on the TV and to devote more time outdoors playing. Exposure to video games, TV, and other media has been connected with high-risk behaviors like tobacco and alcohol, quicker sexual activity onsets and increased aggressive and violent behavior. Prolonged television viewing also contributes to childhood health problems and obesity, as it turns out, Mom did not only want us to turn into “couch-potato.” Mom was always right when she ordered us not to strain our eyes, and turn down loud music. Loud music leads to measurable hearing loss, while eye strain causes eye-shorted-ness.

During our later development stages into adulthood, Mom regularly did challenge us when we were going get married and settle down. Some moms even humorously asked their daughters when a suitable guy walked by that he was one with a steady pulse. Marriage is good for our mental, physical and emotional health; prolonging our lives. Married people live longer, and healthier individuals get married sooner. Mom would also regularly advise us to save ourselves for marriage. Premarital sexual conduct leads to sexually transmitted infections, STIs that could lead to neurological and urinary problems, infertility and pelvic pain. In fact, AIDs the standard STI kills many people yearly across the globe.

While we may not have understood during our time of growth, we should thank Mom for reprimanding us to go to church and say our night prayers. Religion is healthy for the soul and body, older grown-ups frequenting at least once a week religious services live abundantly than those visiting shortly often. It is rational for spiritually and religiously active people to also live longer since religion inhibits high-risk conduct and the involvement in extramarital sex, crime, and tobacco, alcohol, and drugs use.

Mom would order us to get to bed during the times when we would insist on burning the midnight lamp while trying to prepare for big exams. Mom was directly helping us get enough sleep after exposure to study material; that is significant for learning. School students who sojourn up all night after reading only clear out the possible profits of their studying session. Sleep divestment also causes dangerous driving, irritability, and other common simple errors, which can be precarious to our health.

Mom used to advise us to say no to drugs. Every year, illicit drugs lead to numerous deaths around the world with drunk driving a primary cause. Diseases related to tobacco use include cancers and heart disease, with many smokers dying young before reaching their optimum fulfillments.
Mom was always correct introducing us to the value of education, accompanying us to school, library and was often patient teaching us on how to read and write. We should particularly acknowledge the love she bequeathed upon us during the so ever trying growing up times.

As we got older, our playing times were more stressful and time-consuming. Nonetheless, Mom used to pack our water bottle and snacks and would spend her times on the lawns watching every minute of our play. She taught us what it meant to be growing up God-fearing and trusting only in Him. She would intently listen to our reasoning and even after our relationship heartbreaks; Mom would be there to pick up the pieces reminding us that any anyone does not define who we are.

Mom would be present at every game and award ceremony, even though we thought it wasn’t cool for her to be present. She challenged us to be nothing less than our best in everything. Mom allowed us to make our mistakes, even when we know best all along because that’s what the best moms do. And in all those times, she was in persistent prayer that we would make the right choices. Mom was always correct and had the best of our interests at heart, even though we gave her anxiety over it.