The 5 Top Resorts in the World

If the daily grind of life has got you singing the blues, then it might be time to get away from it all for awhile. After all, you can only listen to your boss yell so many times, help the kid with Common Core homework for so many hours and trip over the dog so often before you are ready to scream. If it is time to get away from it all, then you may want to try one of these luxurious hotels and resorts.

Emirate Palace in Abu Dhabi

You know that you have arrived somewhere special the moment that the Emirate Palace comes into view because it looks like a castle glistening in the noontime sun. Part of your luxury vacation includes choosing how you want to arrive at this resort from a chauffeured driven limousine, private jet or helicopter. Costing over $3 billion to construct, this palace contains marble from 13 different countries and over 1,000 crystal chandeliers. Relax as you enjoy a meal fit for a king from one of the palace’s delightful restaurants while you dine on the white sandy beaches. While you may have sworn you will never eat another hamburger, you simply must try the 24 Karat Gold Carne Burger served with homemade Arabic pickles, taboule salad, fried onion and mozzarella cheese. This heavenly burger even comes accompanied with gold dusted chickpea fritters. Indulge yourself in some fun while you are at the palace with various choices including yoga, tennis and water sports. Just for fun, enjoy participating in a camel race.

Mardan Palace Hotel

You know that you have arrived at the Mardan Palace Hotel when you hear the dancing water in front of the hotel softly cascading to the tunes of Tchaikovsky and Strauss. Once you enter the opulent lobby, you discover that no expense has been spared in constructing this lavish hotel. In fact, over 247,570 square feet of Italian marble and over 107,000 square feet of gold have been used in its construction and decoration. While you have over 11 fine dining restaurants to choose from, it is highly recommended that you choose to eat at the Aquamarine Restaurant at least once. This elegant restaurant is located in the middle of a five acre swimming pool, the largest pool in the Mediterranean. Each wall of the restaurant represents a different ocean and mainly consists of a large aquarium. In all, the aquariums contain over 3,000 varieties of fish living in 400,000 gallons of water. This is one vacation where you may want to consider bringing the children along, as the resort offers a children’s club complete with its own zoo. While they are busy being entertained, relax on the white sandy beaches. The 9,000 tons of sand for this beach is transported in from Egypt with workers replacing it annually. If you need anything during your stay then just let your butler know, as he is at your beck and call every moment that you are at this hotel.

Secrets Marquis

The Secrets Marquis in Los Cabos may be the perfect getaway for the nature lover, as the hotel faces out directly onto the beautiful Pacific Ocean where whales are often seen frolicking in the water. This adult-only all-inclusive resort is very ecofriendly. even offering laundry soap made from cacti. This lavish resort uses only water from the Pacific Ocean which it purifies in its own distilling plant. When you arrive at this luxury resort, nestled between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, you are warmly welcomed in an open-air lobby that even has its own waterfall that swoops gently down into an infinity pool. Feel free to explore the 13,000 square foot Maya-themed spa that uses only natural materials and treatments including a seaweed and chocolate body wrap. Indulge in the wonderful food at this lushious resort making sure to try the stuffed chile with huitlacoche sauce before you leave. While many people choose to just relax in their Mexican-décor dark rooms with private balconies, feel free to partake in the resort’s many activities including dancing and cooking classes.

One&Only Ocean Club Resort

The colonial style One&Only Club resort welcomes you to their small resort with a friendly welcome in their magnificent library. This resort is owned by the same company that operates the Atlantis Resort and guests can take advantage of the numerous activities located there by riding the complimentary shuttle. Indulge yourself in one of the rooms with a private terrace overlooking the private garden and the Caribbean Sea. Do not leave this resort without trying the roasted Nassau grouper in the beautifully appointed dining room.

The Boulders

If getting away to a foreign country is not in the cards right now, then consider a trip to the Boulders in Arizona. Even though this resort is located just 30 minutes from the Phoenix Airport, you will feel like you have stepped into whole different land, as you arrive at this resort nestled snuggle among 12 million year old red granite boulders. This posh resort incorporates organic in as many ways as possible. For example, the Mexican café offers organic fresh cuisine prepared with food grown at the resort while the feng shu -inspired spa offers an in-spa organic café. Everyone is encouraged to pause and reflect in the beautiful Zen garden. Many of the activities at this resort are based on outdoor adventures with possibilities including hot air balloon rides, desert Hummer adventure trips, horseback riding and boulder climbing. Guests are invited to play at the two championship golf courses.

Alas, reality may have to return. The children’s homework still must be completed, and the dogs must still be fed. Then, its off to bed, because the boss will begin his unending yelling again tomorrow.